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C D Brooks
C D Brooks
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A well known evangelist and speaker for "Breath of Life" TV program until his recent retirement. He brings to his presentations the experiences gained in over 55 years of active ministry as an evangelist, administrator and minister of the gospel.
Which Way is Up?
A series that has become a classic in the collection of C. D. Brooks resources. These were Week of Prayer presentations at Andrews University and will challenge and bless you as a listener--for all ages.
1. The besetment
2. God's view of foolishness
3. Greens and things
4. The perverting of the norm
5. Herod and Pilate
6. Darkness and light
7. The storm
8. The great transgression
9. Angel or demon
10. The testimony of the dead
11. The gospel of a second chance
12. Mind blowing
Breath of Life Crusade 2
Questions and Answers.
More honest Bible answers to questions asked during the Crusade.
Another superb resource for learning and witnessing the power of God's word.
Album of 12 CD's
Album of 6 CDs
Personal Testimonies.
Single presentations.
Formula for faith.
Out of Egypt.
The Everlasting Gospel.
The rise and fall of Babylon.
Victory for victims.
Life and Teachings of Jesus.
7 days to Revival.
The Life of Christ.
Steps to Christ.
The blessing of obedience.
The testing time.
The last generation Remnant.
Certainty of the second Coming.
The Health message.
The Creator's Sabbath of rest.
Chariots of fire.
Youth and Baptism.
Deliverence from Bondage.
A living sacrifice.
The Character of God.
Who needs Church?
Amazing Love.
Where do we go from here?
The winds of change.
The pursuit of holiness.
The blessing of obedience.2
issues in contemporary worship.
Deliver us from evil.
The mighty shaking.
The final survivors.
Beholding Christ
Back to basics.
The most unique Prophet.
Beyond pentecost.
7 days to Revival.
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Breath of Life
Featuring Biblical presentations, visual illustrations, inspirational music and answers to Bible questions.

Use these powerful DVDs for devotionals, Bible study, witnessing, and evangelism
14 DVDs 28 presentations
1) Has God lost control?
2) Harbingers of the end.
3) What seekest thou?
4) The Devil behind the door.
5) Howling for damnation, hungering for doom.
6) What is God like?
7) Capricious grace.
8) The sign of holiness.
9) Two preachers who quit church.
10) Is humanity hopeless?
11) Ghost, Zombies, and Poltergeist.
12) What happened five minutes after christ died?
13) The truth about a wonderful lie.
14) The bible millennium.
Mystery man of the bible: dead from his head to his ankles.
16) Buried alive--alive forever.
17) How to choose a church.
18) Special message to the last generation.
19) The unpardonable sin.
20) The mark of the beast.
21) When God got robbed.
22) The awful ride of the four horsemen.
23) Death--fried, stewed, and broiled, raw to gnaw.
24) When God didn't know the answer.
25) Heaven: is it for real?
26) Knock out your eye, cut off your hand.
27) The punitive death of a righteous man.
28) Alas, my brother.
14 DVDs in two Albums
Breath of Life Crusade 2
Bible preaching and teaching at its best!
One of the most effective tools available!
30 CDs 30 presentations
1. Hell and the home
2. Sodom bound
3. Easy salvation for hard sinners
4. A King from outer space
5. Infidel night
6. What is love?
7. The fight of the century!
8. As the world turns!
9. Black sky! Bleeding moon! Falling stars!
10. Yes, you can live right!
11. There is a law we don't have to obey!
12. The devil and morality
13. The unpardonable sin * what is it?
14. Are you dead when you die?
15. A horn that balked, talked and stalked!
16. Christ's darling
17. Who's on the loose during the millennium?
18. Seven women for one man!
19. The water ! The Spirit! And the fire!
20. Where are you really going?
21. Come let us reason together
22. The question that stumps even God!
23. Three special deliveries from heaven
24. God the victim
25. Is heaven real, or medieval fiction?
26. If the sheep are led astray, will only the false
       shepherd's pay?
27. Something greater than the name of Jesus!
28. The devil's best buddies
29. Ezekiel's wheel
30. Starvation in Washington D.C.
30 CDs in an Albums
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